Give your Wardrobe a January Detox!

It’s holiday season, and resolution time! 

As we kick January off promising to use that gym membership, that juice maker, that mediation app and anything else to detox us of the Christmas binge, let us help you kick some goals, and detox your wardrobe.

We have cleansed and organised 1000’s of wardrobes, and want to share some Ruby Slippers Styling magic so you can give your wardrobe the love it deserves.

Follow our easy guide to performing your own wardrobe clear out, and if it’s becoming a mission fit for an expert, call us about our

 Wardrobe Refresh Packages!

You need to treat your wardrobe like prime real estate..there is no room for items that aren’t being worn, don’t fit or were giving to you by Great Aunt Mildred, so you have the guilts throwing it out!! You need to be ruthless, and organise like a Stylist.

  • Organise into categories – Pants, Skirts, Jackets etc.
  • Clean and dry winter clothes, then pack them into air tight containers and store them away.
  • Remove any dressing gowns or old bridesmaid dress….these guys do not need to be taking up your prime hanging space!
  • Mend damaged items or get rid of them.
  • If clothes don’t fit you anymore, store them away or give them to charity ! We hear lots of people saying…’when I lose weight, I’ll need these again’.  Green juice cleanse or not, if they don’t fit you now, get them out of your wardrobe space!
  • Don’t just throw items out because you haven’t worn them for a while, try them on and see what they look like. You might spark a comeback!
  • Organise your accessories so you can see them, the more you can see, the more you will wear.
  • Items looking faded and worn – either dye them or donate them.

Be selective about your donations, last year around 60,000 tonnes of items donated were unusable and disposed of in landfill – the cost for this is borne by the charities.  If items are too damaged drop them in textile collection bins, such as those in H&M stores.

So get clearing….and if the task it too big, get in touch and we’ll get a stylist to do the hard-work for you. We cover Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast!

Happy New Year x

Ditch the shorts this summer!

Over wearing shorts already?

We hear you girls, unfortunately for the majority of us we don’t have legs like Gigi, Giselle or Alessandra  so our shorts don’t quite look like this…

Reality bites.

So, what can we humble humans do?  With shorts, it’s all about getting the fit right for your body.

– The length

– The Style

– The Cut

It is definitely not ‘one size fits all’, so make your selection carefully and make sure you try before you buy. Another option is to leave the shorts and up your casual look with something a little more stylish.

These are our stylists top picks….

Denim skirt

Decjuba, $79.95

Floral midi

ASOS, $56

Wide leg ‘paperbag’ pants

Seed, $129.95

Maxi skirt

Sportsgirl, $89.95

Cute mini, with a pop of colour

Witchery, $99.95

Relaxed skirt. Great for your curves!

Veronika Maine, $199



Forever New, $79.95

Maxi skirt

Country Road, $179

Floral Maxi Skirt

Topshop at The Iconic, $74.95

Whether you need some help finding a few key pieces or you want a whole new wardrobe for Summer, let us know.

We have packages to suit everyone, and cover all major shopping centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast, our packages start at $250 & we have gift voucher available.

Contact us now, and let us know how we can help!

*Celebrity pics from Fashion Fix & Pinterest


What the Frock!?

It’s wedding season, it’s race season, it’s hen party season, it’s formal season…roughly translated to

‘ argh, I need something amazing to wear season’!!!

Girls, we hear your cries and we want to ensure you are looking a million dollars for your next special occasion.  Our stylists have picked out some of their favourite dresses.  Outfits for all different body shapes and budgets…so no one is left having to ‘panic purchase’ before their next event.

Check out our top outfit picks…


Anyone rocking this gorgeous little number will tick the ‘I look fabulous box’! It is great for pear shaped girls as the fitted bodice showcases your top half, and the fuller skirt is soft over your hips. Just gorgeous!

Little Lace, $105

Ok, so it’s not actually a dress…but a. who cares and b. you actually can’t tell?!  This jumpsuit is amazing if you are carrying a little ‘mum tum’ weight or should be doing a few more squats in the gym! It’s summery, looks great and is reasonable…tick, tick, tick.

Sheike, $189.95

The draping across the middle of this dress is super flattering and hides all kinds of bumps! If the slip underneath isn’t a perfect fit for you, change it to create the silhouette you want.

Starts at size 4 for those on the petite side.

Alice McCall, $490

Hands up pear shaped ladies…this one is great for you. The soft a-line skirt is really forgiving over your hips, and the pretty bodice draws eyes upward.  Also great for anyone who needs to add a little shape to their straight up and down figure. And that colour…we LOVE, and the price…oh, and it comes in sizes 4 – 18….yep, sold!

ASOS, $149

Vavavoom…hourglass girls, this is your dress!!! We don’t need to say anymore!

Wheels and Doll Baby, $284.40 (on sale)

This divine dress is super flattering, the spider lace creates a soft camouflage over the under dress.   The shape is a perfect for anyone wanting to create a more curvy silhouette, soften larger shoulders or hide those saddlebags! Really unique, and a beautiful fit.

Rebecca Vallance, $949

Hello sexy lady!!! This figure hugging number is just gorgeous for anyone wanting to show off their curves. The fabric is very forgiving and really holds you in, creating a beautiful shape.

Alex Perry at Myer, $700

Whether you need some help finding a dress or outfit for a special occasion, or you want a whole new wardrobe for Summer, just let us know.

We have packages to suit everyone, and cover all major shopping centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast, with packages starting at $275.

Contact us now, and let us know how we can help!













What to Wear to Work

As PWC announce they are ditching their dress code for staff in Australia*, they join so many other companies who realise we don’t need to dress so formally to look smart.  But, as the dress codes ties are loosened and employees are welcomed to dress as they think appropriate …does this cause more problems than it fixes?

If you were one of the many who quite enjoyed throwing on your ‘uniform’ of a suit, top and heels…and are now left wondering what the hell you are supposed to wear to work, you are not alone.

At Ruby Slippers we are receiving plenty of distress calls from professional gals in need of help, too busy to spend hours trawling the shops, needing to look professional, but not too formal or outdated.

We can help girls, don’t worry!

Here are some of our favourite corporate looks to inspire you:


We love a jumpsuit!


Forget boring work pants, go wide leg or cigarette:


Make your skirts a little more interesting:

Add a hint of animal print:

Don’t be afraid of pattern and prints:

Nail your look with a killer dress:


All these looks and more can be found on our Corporate Style Pinterest page.

We can put together a stylish, work wardrobe for you in a 3hr Personal Styling Session (yes, we can nail it in 3 hours!!) for $375.

Available 7 days a week in Sydney and Melbourne.

Contact us now to book your session

*Read PWC Dress Code Article here.

For all the Mumma’s Running the Morning Gauntlet…


Since bringing a little person into this world, I’ve constantly questioned what the hell I did with all my time before I had kids?!
Did it really take me an hour to get ready for work? What was I doing? How did I not know I could shower, brush my teeth and shave my legs at the same time?

I never knew the true meaning of organised, tired, efficient or most importantly unconditional love, before having my bubba…I could potentially be running the country right now, if I had worked as efficiently pre kids as I do now!!!
One of the challenges that seems to go unnoticed is the gauntlet of getting to work, with a daycare/school stop on the way.

The SAS, Navy Seals et al need to listen up, because if they are looking to introduce a new training challenge I’d suggest a morning in the life of a working mum (or dad).
How about getting up at 5am (when you’ve had the obligatory nightly wake up from a small person), getting kids ready for school, lunches made, washing on, dishwasher on, out the door and sitting at your desk for 7.30am. With hair and make up done. It’s hardcore.

At Ruby Slippers we want to help make this mission as simple as possible, so here’s our Stylists guide to getting you out of the house and at your desk looking effortlessly chic.

Our top tips for busy, working Mums:

  1. Be prepared.  You need to move like a well-oiled machine when that alarm goes off. You need to have an outfit hanging ready to go (including shoes and accessories), it is the only way you can get out of the door on time.
  2. Wear dresses. I am not good at maths, but a skirt and a top is 2 pieces of clothing, a dress is one…keep it simple.
  3. Watch your fabric choices. However tired you are, never utter the words, ‘I’ll iron it in the morning’ cause you won’t have time. Choose fabrics carefully, if they crease in your hand in the store, leave them there…they have no place in your life. Silk is a big offender, stains and creases easily and is a bugger to iron. Choose fabrics you can hang to dry, that require little or no ironing.
  4. Use your dressing gown like a shield. Get ready, then wrap it around yourself like it’s an invisible cape! Let not an inch of scrambled egg, porridge or grubby little hands pass.
  5. Keep some accessories in your car or desk draw. It’s annoying when you get to work, and realise you didn’t have time to grab that bracelet you wanted to wear, or you know that dress would look so much better with a necklace. Well keep a little stash of your jewellery (the cheap stuff, not the family jewels), in your car or desk draw and get some different looks on high rotation.
  6. Chipped nails look worse than no nail polish. Remember what goes on, must get touched up.  To the people who invented shellac I literally love you. Best invention ever…until you have to give up another 20/30 mins getting the stuff removed. ARGH. Our advice, if you don’t have time to have it removed, don’t get it put on. Just keep your nails, short and neat.
  7. Photograph your outfit combinations. This is great if you wear the same things over, and over, and over. Lay everything out on your bed and take photos of every combination. Work in shoes and jewellery.  You then have a personal stylist living in your phone, so when you’re just about to fall into bed, you can flick past your family selfies and quickly find an outfit combination.
  8. Buy great basics. Spend your money wisely on the pieces you’ll wear over and over. That great pair of black pants you wear every week? They need to be the best you can afford.

If you still need some help give us a call. We can help organise your wardrobe, photograph all your outfits and efficiently shop for what you really need. Packages start from $225, find out more here.

We know it’s a tough gig, so remember to high 5 all the other mumma’s struggle with the morning gauntlet.

The Ruby Team


Bargain Central!

It seems so wrong, the shops are filling up with winter woollies and it’s BOILING outside! 

The good news is all the summer stock is going on sale, so get in quick and grab yourself a bargain.

Here are our stylist top picks, all under $80:


Sportsgirl, Country Road, Just Jeans, Seed, Witchery.

Happy Shopping x