Give your Wardrobe a January Detox!

It’s holiday season, and resolution time! 

As we kick January off promising to use that gym membership, that juice maker, that mediation app and anything else to detox us of the Christmas binge, let us help you kick some goals, and detox your wardrobe.

We have cleansed and organised 1000’s of wardrobes, and want to share some Ruby Slippers Styling magic so you can give your wardrobe the love it deserves.

Follow our easy guide to performing your own wardrobe clear out, and if it’s becoming a mission fit for an expert, call us about our

 Wardrobe Refresh Packages!

You need to treat your wardrobe like prime real estate..there is no room for items that aren’t being worn, don’t fit or were giving to you by Great Aunt Mildred, so you have the guilts throwing it out!! You need to be ruthless, and organise like a Stylist.

  • Organise into categories – Pants, Skirts, Jackets etc.
  • Clean and dry winter clothes, then pack them into air tight containers and store them away.
  • Remove any dressing gowns or old bridesmaid dress….these guys do not need to be taking up your prime hanging space!
  • Mend damaged items or get rid of them.
  • If clothes don’t fit you anymore, store them away or give them to charity ! We hear lots of people saying…’when I lose weight, I’ll need these again’.  Green juice cleanse or not, if they don’t fit you now, get them out of your wardrobe space!
  • Don’t just throw items out because you haven’t worn them for a while, try them on and see what they look like. You might spark a comeback!
  • Organise your accessories so you can see them, the more you can see, the more you will wear.
  • Items looking faded and worn – either dye them or donate them.

Be selective about your donations, last year around 60,000 tonnes of items donated were unusable and disposed of in landfill – the cost for this is borne by the charities.  If items are too damaged drop them in textile collection bins, such as those in H&M stores.

So get clearing….and if the task it too big, get in touch and we’ll get a stylist to do the hard-work for you. We cover Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast!

Happy New Year x

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