Smarter Sales Shopping

Don’t waste money, energy or time unnecessarily. THINK before you buy!

Do you have clothes hanging in your wardrobe with the discount tag still attached? Are you wondering what, apart from the price, convinced you to buy them?!

Well follow Ruby Slipper Styling’s tips for sales shopping and you’ll be laughing all the way to the check out!!!
Make a plan…and stick to it! Here’s some tips for smarter sales shopping… 

  • Decide which shops you’re visiting and try on their clothes beforehand so you know your sizes.
  • Go early, get there when the shops open you’ll avoid the big lunchtime crowds and get the best bargains.
  • Buy staples such as jackets and jeans, you’ll get so much more wear out of them the bargain will definitely be yours!
  • Don’t panic buy! Snatch and grab tactics always end in wasted wardrobe tears.
  • Stick to colours that you know work for you
  • Buy COMPLETE outfits more so than just separate items OR at least ensure you’ve clothes and shoes to match at home.
  •  Think carefully about ‘in fashion’ items that are out of season – are they ‘basic’ enough to wear the next season? Will the trend last?
  • Stock up on quality under garments – a boob-lifting bra will never go out of fashion!
  • Go with just a few trusted friends NOT an army of fashion-hungry women – Shopping can be fun in groups but also a nightmare if you’re all eyeing off the same bargains. I’ve seen a friendship end over a pair of Prada pants!
  • Don’t listen to pushy sales attendants – Not all are ruthless, commission-based vultures but some are – they’ll tell you anything to get a sale. A bargain is only a bargain only if you end up wearing it!

THINK it’s a bargain? Great! BUT think again with all the above tips in mind.

And hey – if you don’t like to  think too much when you’re bargain hunting let Ruby Slippers Styling do the thinking on your behalf. We’ve a nose for awesome bargains that are perfect for your unique style and your budget.

CONTACT US NOW to arrange a shopping spree of a lifetime!


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