Brighten your day with BLACK!

Versatile, Classic and Slimming – Why would you wear anything else?

Colour is awesome! Splashing a lashing of colour throughout your wardrobe can do wonders to your style. So why do we always tend to go back to black?

Whether we’re wearing it because it’s so versatile, slimming or just because it’s classic, black is everyone’s favourite staple. At Ruby Slippers Styling we LOVE colour but there is no shying away from the fact that black is the ultimate timeless, elegant colour. How can Coco Chanel be wrong? 

Still, I see people doing ‘black’ very badly!

Here’s my top 5 tips to ensure you don’t commit any of the dreaded ‘black sins of style’…

  1. Keep it really black, once things have washed out either use a dye or say bye.
  2. Don’t wear it head to toe, it’s very over powering. Add in a neutral tone such as gold, bronze, cream or grey.
  3. Break the look up with different textures – putting a black leather jacket over a black dress or wearing lace will add a different dimension to your look. It will make the outfit look far more interesting and sexy.
  4. Break the outfit up with accessories. You don’t need to buy a new dress, you’ve got that amazing LBD in the wardrobe, you just need a fab new necklace and you’ll look amazing.
  5. Go wild with shoes. If you’re wearing all black lash out in the colour stakes and be daring with a hot shoe colour – this is particularly so if you’re wearing black during the day.

Still not confident you’re doing ‘black’ right? We’d love to help! Call Ruby Slippers Styling today.

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