What To Wear On A First Date


We were super excited to help ‘Married at First Sight’ Star Christie Jordee, with her wardrobe…and even more excited to co write a blog with her!

And, what better subject to help with than……

What to wear on a first date, so you catch yourself a keeper!

So, here you have it, Ruby Slippers Styling and Christie’s top tips for dressing for that first date:


  1. Watch your ‘walkability’ factor! We love a sexy heel, but there is nothing more unsexy than a pair of heels you can’t walk in. No guy wants to have to carry you to a cab or see you walk home with heels in your hand. The general rule is if you can’t walk in them in the shop then don’t buy them!


Christie picked these from Nude at Wanted, $199.95. The chunky heel is easy to walk in, the grey is super versatile and you can easily change the look with a sweep of nail polish!

  1. Be true to your own personality. Pointless dressing up as Sporty Spice because you know he likes soccer, when inside you know you are really a Posh Spice. If you are going to keep your keeper, don’t dress up like someone else. Be yourself.
  2. If in doubt always dress up not down. We don’t mean wear a ball gown to the bar, but as you would expect your date to, make a little bit of extra effort.

outfitcollage4. Find the middle ground between sex siren and little miss straight……Always leave him wanting more, but not feeling like he’s just spent an hour at a librarian’s convention.  For example, avoid teaming a short skirt with a low cut top, it’s too much. If you are wearing one ditch the other.  Also watch your clothes aren’t expressing your nerves and saying ‘I am not interested’.


5. Do your 3 step face check. No lipstick on teeth, no mascara under eyes, eyeliner where it is supposed to be. Don’t make his only thought for the first half an hour be ‘how do I say you’re wearing more lipstick on your teeth than your lips’.

Need a little extra help? We can help you buy a outfit or a whole new wardrobe – contact us to have a chat about how we can help. Personal shopping packages in Sydney and Melbourne.


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