Interview Outfits

Need to nail the perfect look for your dream job?

How to dress for that all important job interview is critical!  

You’ve impressed them with your resume, now you just have to wow them at the face to face interview. It is a competitive world out there, where first impressions count, so looking the part really matters.

In a world where office dress codes seem to be ever changing, and becoming more relaxed.  You need to show you understand the style of the company, and are not dressed up like someone from the 90’s or way to casual, who is totally out of touch with what to wear for work.

Style Tips for the perfect interview outfit:

  • Wear something you are comfortable in….you have enough on your plate, the clothes should fit you well and not be cutting off circulation anywhere, worry about what you are saying, not what you are wearing!
  • Watch your fabric choices. Linen creases like a screwed up tissue, and silk is the most unforgiving fabric if your nerves make you sweat.
  • Clean and ironed is a no brainer right? You’d think so, but we’ve seen lots of corners cut here.
  • Avoid prints that are too loud
  • Find out the company dress code, and dress the smarter end of this. You can always dress down when you start, you can’t dress up if you’ve gone to casual at the interview.
  • Talk with your hands? Don’t wear bangles or bracelets that will bang on the table during the interview.
  • Shoes – make sure you can walk in them girls. It can be a long walk from reception to the interview room, make sure you can stride your way there and not be dragging your feet and crippling your toes.

Room for adding individuality? Of course! Room for taking a fashion risk? Absolutely not!

Follow our stylists’ guide to the perfect interview outfit:

Business Formal. EG. Law, Accountancy, Recruitment, Financial Services.

You need to dress at the top end of this dress code, and look sharp. This is a great example of an outfit, if matching two piece suits don’t float your boat and want to add a hint of colour.

Business Professional. EG. FMCG, Telco, Insurance.

Slightly less formal, add a pop of colour to accent your look.

Creative. EG. Media, Advertising, Design.

An opportunity to be more adventurous with pattern, colour and accesories.

Service Jobs. EG. Medical Professionals, Hospitality.

You’ll need to wear a uniform when you start, so there is a no real dress code, but you still need to look the part and stand out from the competition.

We can put together a stylish, work wardrobe for you in a 3hr Personal Styling Session (yes, we can nail it in 3 hours!!) from $375.

Available 7 days a week in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

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  1. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    I absolutely LOVE both the jacket and the necklace in the ‘creative’ storyboard and the patent ballet flats in the ‘service jobs’ storyboard. Any chance you can tell me where I can buy them from?

    • Rachel Worden
      Rachel Worden says:

      Thanks Tracy, we are so glad you like them!
      The shoes are from StyleBop, the blazer is from Miss Selfridges and the necklace from Neiman Marcus. Happy shopping x


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