Top 5 items every Corporate Girl needs in her wardrobe…

asossuitAt Ruby Slippers we know getting the basics right are the building blocks to every perfect work wardrobe, cost per wear your office clothes need to be really earning their keep.

So, buy the right key pieces, and spend wisely.

To help – follow our Stylists picks to the 5 key pieces every corporate girl needs in their wardrobe!



1.The Shirt. It doesn’t need to be classic white, and it definitely doesn’t need to be a standard button up. Play around with a style, pattern and fabric that works for you. We love:

shirts rubyslippersstyling Witchery, $99.95. The Iconic, $59.95. Marcs, $179

2. The Blazer. How to smarten up an outfit in the blink of an eye…don’t underestimate the power of a blazer! Match the appropriate level of tailoring to your style and workplace, we love the grey jersey for a more casual look, right up to the structured suit jacket for super corporate style.

blazers ruby slippers styling

David Lawrence, $299. H&M, $39.95. Review, $159 (on sale)

3. The Bottoms.  You may be thinking that’s a little vague…but at Ruby Slippers, we don’t believe in one size fits all..there is a bottom style for everyone, it’s just finding yours. Match the style to your body shape and opt for a neutral in navy, black or grey.

Great for inverted triangles…Ted Baker, $170 (on sale).  Perfect for the hourglass, Sheike, $119.95. Great for pears, Veronika Maine, $219.


Pears – these are your pants, Carla Zampatti, $469. Apples, – these side fastening pants are fab, City Chic, $79.95, We LOVE these David Lawrence pants, perfect for rectangles, inverted triangles, hourglasses…any of our petite friends too, $129.



4. The Shoe. Opt for a heel height you can actually walk around the office all day in…your toes will thank you! Flats are totally fine for work, but opt for a pointy toe, and a patent design to ensure they look smart enough. For heel lovers, nude or black are great choices. If you want something a little different, opt for a colour that goes with most of the clothes in your wardrobe, so you get the most wear out of them.

shoes rubyslippersstying

Karen Millen, $225. Charles and Keith, $99. Shoes of Prey at DJ’s, $264. ASOS, $42.

5. The Bag. More is definitely more when it comes to your work bag. Cost per wear, you are going to get your money’s worth, you are ‘wearing’ this everyday, so spend the most you can afford…we give you our total permission!!

bag rubyslippersstyling

Shopbop, $595.94. Trenary, $149.25 (on sale). Sophie Hulme, $1038  Kate Spade, $298.

Let us whip your work wardrobe into a style frenzy…we offer 3 hour Personal Shopping Packages in Sydney and Melbourne for $375. Contact us for more information.

Main image from ASOS, Jacket $89



Do you want to come and work at Ruby Slippers?

We are bursting at the seams and are looking for an experienced Part Time Stylist to come and join the team!bw girl

The ideal person would have an eye for colour, know which styles work with different body shapes and have great rapport with people. We are looking for someone who has a key interest in retail and fashion, and is passionate about brands. You’ll be working with people of all ages, sizes and budgets and your job is to transform our clients to make sure they looking and feeling amazing.

A minimum of 2 years’ experience working as a stylist is required.

We are looking for Stylists who are able to cover the Hills district/Parramatta or the City/North Shore/Northern Beaches.
Please specify your location on your application.

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For all the Mumma’s Running the Morning Gauntlet…


Since bringing a little person into this world, I’ve constantly questioned what the hell I did with all my time before I had kids?!
Did it really take me an hour to get ready for work? What was I doing? How did I not know I could shower, brush my teeth and shave my legs at the same time?

I never knew the true meaning of organised, tired, efficient or most importantly unconditional love, before having my bubba…I could potentially be running the country right now, if I had worked as efficiently pre kids as I do now!!!
One of the challenges that seems to go unnoticed is the gauntlet of getting to work, with a daycare/school stop on the way.

The SAS, Navy Seals et al need to listen up, because if they are looking to introduce a new training challenge I’d suggest a morning in the life of a working mum (or dad).
How about getting up at 5am (when you’ve had the obligatory nightly wake up from a small person), getting kids ready for school, lunches made, washing on, dishwasher on, out the door and sitting at your desk for 7.30am. With hair and make up done. It’s hardcore.

At Ruby Slippers we want to help make this mission as simple as possible, so here’s our Stylists guide to getting you out of the house and at your desk looking effortlessly chic.

Our top tips for busy, working Mums:

  1. Be prepared.  You need to move like a well-oiled machine when that alarm goes off. You need to have an outfit hanging ready to go (including shoes and accessories), it is the only way you can get out of the door on time.
  2. Wear dresses. I am not good at maths, but a skirt and a top is 2 pieces of clothing, a dress is one…keep it simple.
  3. Watch your fabric choices. However tired you are, never utter the words, ‘I’ll iron it in the morning’ cause you won’t have time. Choose fabrics carefully, if they crease in your hand in the store, leave them there…they have no place in your life. Silk is a big offender, stains and creases easily and is a bugger to iron. Choose fabrics you can hang to dry, that require little or no ironing.
  4. Use your dressing gown like a shield. Get ready, then wrap it around yourself like it’s an invisible cape! Let not an inch of scrambled egg, porridge or grubby little hands pass.
  5. Keep some accessories in your car or desk draw. It’s annoying when you get to work, and realise you didn’t have time to grab that bracelet you wanted to wear, or you know that dress would look so much better with a necklace. Well keep a little stash of your jewellery (the cheap stuff, not the family jewels), in your car or desk draw and get some different looks on high rotation.
  6. Chipped nails look worse than no nail polish. Remember what goes on, must get touched up.  To the people who invented shellac I literally love you. Best invention ever…until you have to give up another 20/30 mins getting the stuff removed. ARGH. Our advice, if you don’t have time to have it removed, don’t get it put on. Just keep your nails, short and neat.
  7. Photograph your outfit combinations. This is great if you wear the same things over, and over, and over. Lay everything out on your bed and take photos of every combination. Work in shoes and jewellery.  You then have a personal stylist living in your phone, so when you’re just about to fall into bed, you can flick past your family selfies and quickly find an outfit combination.
  8. Buy great basics. Spend your money wisely on the pieces you’ll wear over and over. That great pair of black pants you wear every week? They need to be the best you can afford.

If you still need some help give us a call. We can help organise your wardrobe, photograph all your outfits and efficiently shop for what you really need. Packages start from $225, find out more here.

We know it’s a tough gig, so remember to high 5 all the other mumma’s struggle with the morning gauntlet.

The Ruby Team