Do you need saving from the Mummy Funk?

Funk (noun)

1) A foul odour.

2) A style of R&B music whose artists include James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic (aka P-Funk) and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

3) Depressed mood.

Let’s be real, it’s not one (I hope!) and sadly, it’s not two.


4) Mummy Funk. Post baby styling hell.

At Ruby Slippers Styling, many of us are Mum’s so we know what it’s like. That first year…So many things are changing. So. Many. Things

Nothing is the same boobs, tummy, back, skin, hair, food intake and time. Time to actually ‘get ready’ in the morning having been awake since 5am and every 2 hours prior to that. Those work and going out clothes hanging abandoned in the wardrobe…and you are left wondering if your style left with the ability to have a solid 8 hours sleep.

Did we really consider our Saturday night outfit for the entire week before going out?

So, if you have found yourself completely reconsidering how you are dressing or the point of dressing at all…..The below list is an easy guide to avoiding Mummy Funk, it saved us and we hope it can help you too!

From the Top

Easy access and basic is the key.  Oversize t-shirts with a cap sleeve or ¾ sleeve an absolute must!  I kept my ASOS maternity tee’s, a savior.

asos top

ASOS, $36


Decjuba, $59.95

If you are breast feeding, buy 3 or 4 Bonds tanks with in-built bra and pop them under absolutely everything. Layer simply to hide bumps and lumps!


Bonds, $41.95

In the early, leaky day, avoid jersey material, it is not your friend…opt for dark, patterned, synthetic fabrics…they will hide any milky stains.


Decjuba, $41.95

To layer over the top, look for long line cardigans and jackets with a 2-way zip for winter and gorgeous  kimon capes for summer to add colour.


Mister Zimi, $140


Witchery, $99.95`


Seed, $198.95

For your bottom….It not a crime to stay in maternity jeans for a few months after bub comes along, just watch then they start to sag. A big winner is patterned leggings and soft harem style pants. These looked stylish and keep you out of tracksuit pants and gym clothes…limit that habit to the gym or exercising to get out of the ‘funk’.


Jeanswest, $69.99 (or 2 for $99 – bargain!)

soft pants sportsgirl

Sportsgirl, $99.95


Decjuba, $59.95

On your toes…

Welcome to the world of flats!! And, this doesn’t mean boring btw!  Plimsoles, look great with everything and are so comfortable. We love Toms, with Superga coming a close second!


Superga, $100  Shoes of Prey $234  Toms, $59 Witchery, $99.95

If you can keep these looks on rotation, you will most certainly be feeling more funky than funk in no time! Remember that you are now more feminine than ever and it can actually be a wonderful time to try something new. Comfort and practicality can really work as you get into your new groove.

Don’t forget, we offer Yummy Mummy styling packages in both SYDNEY and MELBOURNE, if you need a little help finding your look!

By Gemma Ostroburski, Ruby Slippers Styling, Melbourne Stylist

We are expanding to a shopping centre near you!

bw girlWe are super excited to announce we are expanding…and not in a post Christmas, I’ve eaten too many chocolates and can’t fit in my jeans kind of a way!

We have launched in more shopping centres and we now cover:

Sydney Westfield, Bondi Junction, Miranda, Parramatta, Macquarie and Chatswood.

We have also headed south of the border and are shopping up a storm in the lovely laneways of Melbourne. We now cover:

The Emporium, Melbourne Central, The Lane Ways, Collins Street and Flinders Street.

Check out our popular packages and see how one of Ruby Slippers Stylist’s can help you find your style, find your perfect outfit or just have some fun shopping!

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