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We are bursting at the seams and are looking for an experienced Part Time Stylist to come and join the team!bw girl

The ideal person would have an eye for colour, know which styles work with different body shapes and have great rapport with people. We are looking for someone who has a key interest in retail and fashion, and is passionate about brands. You’ll be working with people of all ages, sizes and budgets and your job is to transform our clients to make sure they looking and feeling amazing.

A minimum of 2 years’ experience working as a stylist is required.

We are looking for Stylists in Macquarie, Miranda, Parramatta, Castle Hill and Sydney Metro.
Please specify your location on your application.

Rates based on experience and offered on a contracting basis.

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She Rocked the Jumpsuit and we loved it!!!

So, we finally agreed on the look of the day from the Golden Globes…


Emma Stone…She looked AMAZING, in that Lanvin jumpsuit.

Want to recreate her vibe this weekend…here are our pics:


ASOS – $100 – Size 6 – 16.


Dorothy Perkins – $89 – sizes 8 – 18


Topshop – $66 – Sizes 6 – 14


Jane Norman – $75 – Sizes 8 – 16

Happy Shopping


Show 2015 Who’s Boss!!

new years

Were you one of the millions making silent New Year’s resolutions this year? Was it to actually use that gym membership or maybe a January detox (‘Hello Celery’) – if so, we salute you and wish you good luck!! Or maybe it was to get your style in check…now that is a resolution we can help with.

A recent study by The Telegraph showed that the average woman, in the course of her lifetime, spends a year in front of the wardrobe deciding what to wear!!! Experts found on average women spend 16 minutes every weekday morning and around 14 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday morning pondering their daily outfit. Christmas parties, Black Tie events are costing us another 36 minutes each time.

So, as well as trimming a few inches off your waist line, lets trim a bit of fat off the time it takes to get ready!

– Be organised….you’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again….treat that wardrobe like prime real estate. The more you have in there, the less you will wear. Put the winter woollies into storage, get rid of the old bridesmaid dresses and stop fantasizing about the skinny jeans you can’t fit in.

– Release your inner Monica and categorise your wardrobe into sections; dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, tops.

– Get your outfit ready the night before, include jewellery and underwear on the hanger so you’re completely ready to go. You can use the spare time to make the green smoothie you vowed to drink every morning 🙂

– Have all the hangers facing the same way and once you’ve worn something turn the hanger around. This way you can actually see what you are not wearing and ensure you either start using this or donate it!

– If all else fails and like 99% of New Year’s resolutions, this all falls by the wayside after 2 weeks, give Ruby Slippers a call and one of our stylists will lend an extra pair of hands and help make this a long term reality!

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

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