Ruby Wardrobe Refresh

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe!

chairIt’s National Op Shop week this week (24  – 31st Aug), so schedule in a Spring Clean, refresh your wardrobe and do a good deed!

National Op Shop week is a great initiative, to help boost stocks for Op Shops and the charities behind them, so throw those wardrobe doors open and create some space for the things you actual wear and get rid of the things taking up prime real estate!

Follow our easy guide to performing your own wardrobe clear out and if it’s becoming a mission fit for an expert, call us about our Wardrobe Refresh Packages!

  • Clean and thoroughly dry winter clothes, then pack them into air tight containers and store them away.
  • Mend damaged items or get rid of them.
  • If clothes don’t fit you anymore, give them to charity! We hear lots of people saying…’when I lose weight or when I put weight back on, I’ll need these again’.  Hmmm, that might be the case, but if they don’t fit you now, get them out of your cupboard space!
  • Don’t just throw items out because you haven’t warn them for a while, try them on and see what they look like. You might spark a comeback!
  • Items looking faded and worn – either dye them or donate them.

Be selective –Last year around 60,000 tonnes of items donated were unusable and disposed of in landfill – the cost for this is borne by the charities. That’s why only good quality items should be donated to charity op shops, so:

  • Don’t leave clothes if they are damaged, dirty or worn out.
  • If clothes come in pairs e.g. gloves, attach them together. Tie shoes together with their laces.
  • Make sure you empty all your pockets and donate any treasure you find!
  • Don’t dump things next to charity bins if they are full…take them to the shop or wait till they’ve been emptied.

So get clearing and donating….and if the task it too big, get in touch and we’ll get a stylist to do the hard-work for you!!!