Jeans for Genes Day

It’s Jeans for Genes day on Friday 2nd August.

An amazing charity, raising funds for research into birth defects and diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and a range of genetic disorders.  Every dollar raised on the day will help scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute discover treatments and cures, to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

So pull out your best pair, get your work, school, mothers group, gang involved and raise some money!

If you need some help finding the perfect pair, look no further, follow our simple guide and you’ll be raising cash and looking hot to trot:

HOURGLASS figures stick to bootcut, straight cut and crop straight.

For those on the PETITE side go with skinnys, straight cut or boyfriend (avoid the super baggy ones).

For you girls with a BOYISH frame go for boyfriend or bootcut to create some curves. Those lucky ladies with LONG LEGS you can really wear any style but your best looks are skinny or boyfriend.

And for the FULLER FIGURE try Bootcut, straight, or cropped straight.

You also need to consider the RISE (where the jeans will fit on your hip or waist):

Low rise – avoid unless you’re petite or have long legs. Avoid at all costs if you’re battling with a muffin top!

Mid rise – Perfect if you if you want a little coverage over your tummy. They should come up to just under your belly button.

High rise – Great for those with curves, wearing in a dark colour can hide trouble spots. Avoid them if you’re on the petite side though.

Most importantly make sure they are comfortable!! If they are gaping or digging in they are not the right pair! Don’t get them too loose fitting though, as the denim will stretch – buy them snug!!!

What better way to put these hot tips to use, than earning some cash for a great charity!

Don’t forget send us a  picture of your gang looking great in your jeans Friday 🙂

Men’s Styling Guru Joins our Team!

At Ruby Slippers we are very excited and privileged to welcome Jim Thompson on board as our new MALE STYLIST!

Jim is  the owner and designer of the clothing label three over one.  We love the uncomplicated styles and quality fabrics of his clothes… classic staples for your wardrobe boys!

Jim has oodles of fashion and styling experience in both the UK and Australia and is now on board the Ruby Slippers team for our male clients, we’ve already had awesome feedback from our customers so form an orderly queue boys!

Everything a girl needs to know!

Girls, turn back the clock to your teens…. how amazing would it have been to have learnt life skills, rather than algebra??!

I am not suggesting that we scrap maths class altogether, but a week out learning etiquette, hair styling, resume writing, public speaking etc would have been really useful wouldn’t it?

Well, Beautiful Minds runs courses nationwide doing just that. The 5 day course (running in school holidays, so no need to skip maths class either), is brimming with life changing skills, it really is everything a girl needs to know!

Check out the website for more information. Beautiful Minds.

Sydney folks, Ruby Slippers are really excited to be running the Sydney course styling sessions, yay!