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Are your knits in bobble hell?

Argh, damn those little bobbles on your knits…nothing says ‘she’s didn’t buy cashmere’, like a sweater full of pills!

The little pills pop up on clothes that are higher in acrylic or polyester…but, before you head out shopping for a wardrobe full of cashmere, follow Ruby Slipper’s Stylist’s guide and get your knits looking good as new in no time:

Always machine wash cold or hand wash.

Avoid washing with items that have zips or buttons. If you are a serial washing offender then wash in a laundry bag or pillow case that fastens.

Air dry..the dryer is your enemy!

Don’t use pegs on the items, it will weaken the fabrics.

Use a knit comb, to remove any bobbles currently there.


Sussan, $9.95

Make those knits last till Spring, not long to go now x