Personal Stylist – Melbourne

Looking for a fabulous Personal Stylist in Melbourne?

We offer friendly, productive and super stylish sessions catering for everyone’s budget!

We offer our popular Ultimate Styling PackageWardrobe Refresh and Personal Styling/Shopping sessions in Melbourne.

The very talented Leiza Meredith, Tara Blanusa and Gemma Ostroburski are styling up a storm for us,  so contact us now to find out how we can help you!

It’s time to treat yourself, look amazing and feel stylish again in your new wardrobe.

Make contact and book the best shopping experience you’ll ever have.

What you can expect…

Your Personal Stylist starts working on ‘your look’ before we have even met up! You’ll be asked to complete a style questionnaire and to send us photos of yourself, so we can plan and prepare a look that is unique to you.The session will be informal and relaxed and you’ll get expert style tips and advice on how to become a better shopper, we’ll even give you a personalised style form after the session, so you know what colours and style work for you.

We can even take photos as we go, so you can remember your stylish looks!

Say goodbye to money wasted on clothes that don’t suit you or you don’t need, and hello to a capsule wardrobe full of colour!

Where we shop?

The Emporium, Chadstone Shopping Centre and Westfield Southland

How much does it cost?

$420, for 3 hours of personal shopping heaven and a take home style/colour guide.

Gift Vouchers Available.