Sydney Fashion Festival

If you fancy sitting front row and watching the latest Spring/Summer collections hit the runway, then get tickets to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.

It’s a great way to see the best from Australia’s leading brands and retailers – Ginger and Smart, Lisa Ho, Oroton, Myer, Sportscraft…and loads more.

There’s also hair and make-up consultations, style workshops (yay) and lots of opportunities to sip champagne in the bars!

There are plenty of different tickets on offer, prices starting at $35. The event is on at Sydney’s Town from 21-25 August.

See you there 🙂


Accessorise yourself a new look….

Last week I was lulled into the false sense that spring was here…I was wearing sandals, sunnies and talking of purchasing a new bikini…erm slightly premature! My excitement of bursting open my summer clothes has been dashed and I am slightly depressed that winter in looming for a little longer.

I feel like I am at that ‘in-between’ stage with a haircut; you need to just be a little patient and wait. So when we need to be patient and wait for our summer clothes but want something new – what do we do….accessorise!

Add some colour with a scarf or necklace. Glam up a boring look with stacks of bracelets or a statement necklace.  Work trend colours easily with bags and belts.

Our top tips for accessorising to perfection are:

Buy scarves in colours that go well with most others. Purples, pinks, blues and greys are great. It means they’ll go with more outfits.

Add a little look of spring with a belt, bag or shoes in a frosty pastel colour. There are loads around at the moment.

Go for longer earrings if you have a short neck or a double chin it will elongate your neck.  Avoid large, choker-style necklaces.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different looks, you don’t have to match everything you’re wearing.

Only wear 2-4 pieces of jewellery at one time. Show off the beautiful things you’re wearing, don’t look like an extra on ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.

So, go raid your jewellery box and wear something a bit different to brighten up this winter!!


How to look fabulous at every event, without breaking the bank…..

I think it’s kind of strange that we spend more money on an outfit we’ll wear once or twice for a wedding, the races or Christmas party than on a pair of jeans or a jacket we’ll wear till it crawls to the bin!  Although we want to look our glammed up best at these events, doing so can cost some serious $$$’s……well maybe not, Ruby Slippers may have found the perfect solution; renting your outfit.

There are quite a few companies offering this service from dresses, jackets and bags. One of our fav’s is Sydney’s ‘Dressed Up’.  We popped along to their showroom in Sydney to meet with the owner, Serena Ross, for a chat and a drool at their gowns.   They house a range of designers and have some really beautiful dresses. Check out the website, this isn’t just long, sparkly evening gowns there is so much more choice than you’d imagine. Sizes range from 6 – 12, with 14’s on their way for next AW season. The hire is for 7 days but you can pay for longer if you can’t bear to part with your new frock! With prices starting at $89 for short dresses I think it is great value.

It’s also an amazing idea for anyone stuck trying to find bridesmaid dresses.  You can have designer gowns without paying the prices. Perfect.

Get in touch with us at Ruby Slippers if you have a special event you’d like help with some styling for. We can not only offer you our expert advice, but we get reduced rates with Dressed Up too, yay. Email us at for more details.

Oh!  Keep your eyes on our facebook page for details of Dressed Up’s end of season sale!

Picking the perfect jacket


I’d like to think that every cloud does have a silver lining….and the shimmering lining to this cold weather is the fact we get to wear lovely jackets and coats. Not convinced?  Well follow our simple guide to finding a coat that suits you and your shape and we’ll change your mind.



Hourglass – Keep the style fitted to highlight those curves. Single breasted looks best, with one or two buttons & an open neck with slender lapels:

Petite – Choose fitted jackets that flatter your beautiful frame. Wear shorter jackets that end on the hip to create the illusion of longer legs:

Pear – Opt for a belted, fitted jacket with structure on the shoulders to balance you out. To keep the attention to your top half wear wide lapels, interesting collars and eye-catching colours, don’t be afraid to show off:

Rectangle – Make sure the coat is snug and fitted.  Wear a belt tied at your waist or round the back to add some curves. Hip pockets and flared sleeves will also create a great shape making you look hot to trot:

Apple – A straight coat with a simple closure will work best for  all you beautiful apples! Wear the jacket open to contrast against the fabric below, so you don’t look like one block of colour. For our more petite apples, make sure the jacket ends above the knee, for our taller ladies you can go a bit longer:

And remember, fleeces are only to be worn for those who work in sub zero temperatures!!

Happy Shopping:-)

Camilla and Marc
Karen Millen



A must purchase for all mum’s to be!

 Mummy’s to be, if you’re having an issue getting tights to fit over your baby bump help is here!!!

If you’re trying to work out whether it’s best to buy a bigger pair of tights so the seam finishes on your bump, or a smaller pair that sit like a pair of hipsters under your bump – stop right there!

 Target’s range of pregnancy tights to the rescue; they are just $18 and are designed to fit over your baby bump.  No more painful digging in or sagging in places – brilliant! 

To test the product I gave a pair to the best judging panel I could think of….one of my amazing best friends, Laura.  Pregnant with her second baby, she gave them a trial run for us and gives Target’s tights a gold star:

 ‘They are so comfortable and as they have large belly band, I will be able to wear them as my waist expands further.’ Fill your shopping baskets girls!

Hello beautiful nails….

I am a total convert to gel nails known as Shellac or Gelish nails…I realise this isn’t breaking news, but seriously if you haven’t tried it get involved!

If you’re an addict to having a bit of colour on your nails like me this is turbo nail varnish!! It looks amazing for 2 weeks and no chipping! The downside is having it removed, this has to be done in the salon or with special nail varnish remover (which took longer than having it done in the salon). Most salons will offset the price of removal if you get a new colour applied though.

For any of you with the same questions on the topic as me I enlisted the help of the lovely Charlotte Laight of Joh Bailey, Myer.


– Yes you can apply another colour on top, just ensure you remove it with acetone free nail varnish.

– If the gel colour starts to look a little dull towards the end of the wear, then put clear varnish on it.

– It only takes about 10 minutes extra to apply that a standard varnish manicure.

Hello beautiful nails!!

Help is here to finding the perfect pair of jeans…

Boys, need some help getting that right pair of jeans for you….

To find the perfect pair you need to go a little further than grabbing a pair that fits your waist and leg measurements. Not all jeans were born the same, so follow our simple guide to the fit and cuts, and you’ll find your perfect pair in no time.

Boot cut – the most versatile of all styles that work for nearly all body shapes. They will sit just below the waist and are cut with a slight flare out at the bottom.

Loose/Relaxed fit – these are best for the heavier guys or those who want more room and a casual look. Although they are a baggy style, they should still fit well round the waist…not hanging off your hips a’la Marky Mark. If you’re trying to hide a few extra kilo’s go for a darker shade.

Skinny’s -the pass into the skinny jeans club is a limited one! They really aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve got a slim figure & can pull off the look, do it, on the right person they look hot!

Slim fit/Straight cut – A little more forgiving that the skinnys but still offer that more modern look than some of the baggier jeans.

Regular – These sit on the waist and have a square shape to them, sitting parallel from ankle to hip. Great for anyone wanting to hide skinny legs! For those wanting to disguise a few extra kilo’s then you’d be surprised by how much more flattering straight or regular cut can look than a bigger relaxed fit.

Keep the colour dark if you want to look slimmer and distressed if your legs are on the skinny side.

If they sag at the crotch or bum then they’re not the right pair!

Happy shopping 🙂

For the love of shoes…

I am not sure if you can call it an obsession or an infatuation, but my love for purchasing shoes reached an all-time high when I found a gorgeous website – shoes of prey.

Not only do they have loads of beautiful ready to order heels, ballet flats, sandals and ankle boots BUT you can take any shoe and customise it.

You can change the colour, the heel height, the fabric, change the front and the back of the shoe and add embellishments, its genius!

Prices for heels start at $250 and take around 5 weeks for delivery.

Shoe heaven 🙂

Playing dress up with Leina Broughton…

Ladies, check out a favourite of Ruby Slipper’s, Leina Broughton. She’s just brought out a new collection of dresses and we love the gorgeous colours and flattering shapes.  Look at those beautiful neck lines and styles to make you feel oh so like a lady!

Stocked all over Australia, see stockist list here or available on line.

Is June too early to start a Christmas list?!

Chatswood Chase Shoppers….keep Tuesday free!

Chatswood Chase are hosting a shopping event Tuesday 5th June.

Champers and canapés in stores such as Saba, Review and Leona Edmiston! Mac are giving product demonstrations on their gorgeous make up. And while this is going on Myer are having their stock take sale so massive discounts. What better way to spend a Tuesday!

More info on the web site